The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality


Welcome to the companion blog for The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality

You’re in the right place to further the discussion on virtuality and music.

This is now an open site, for anyone who has read the book or is interested in dialogue concerning the ways in which music can be regarded as existing in a virtual space. So grab a cup of coffee and read on! We look forward to your thoughts, comments and ideas.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please click here (if based in the UK) or here (if based in the US). Also, check out a Google Book preview here. Feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Sheila Whiteley, Shara Rambarran and Paul Carr

An Invitation

We invite anyone to share and discuss their insights into the virtual/virtuality/popular music and virtuality via this Blog. It is hoped that this will add an interesting and discursive perspective to the debates and discussions that are raised in the individual chapters of the book. We are also hoping that these conversations will, in turn, provide more cutting-edge insights into the relationships of music and the virtual.

Virtuality today continues to be a fraught term (and will surely continue to be so as technologies evolve and multiply), but the sheer range of topics included in the book will hopefully serve to broaden (rather than close off or to pin down) ideas about virtuality in diverse contexts. Do participate.